Vigano Mario Srl and his entire team guaranteed for over 30 years experience and superior technical progress, technology for the woodworking and their derivatives as well as many other materials.
We also offer various facilities such as customer-specific applications of automatic laminator in the hot and cold processes which allow for precise lamination of wood, stone, metal and plastic.
The automatic laminator refines surfaces in productions with large work piece dimensions, or special requirements.

Our machine is one of the best on the market. The results of our automatic laminator fully respect your expectations because our specialized staff will keep you updated during the procedure following your specific needs.

The automatic laminators operate thanks to a programmed sequence of activity which return an high quality product. Also the process of loading and unloading of panels is automated. Our machines are built keeping in mind efficiency, durability and reliability allowing reduction in time, cost of production and energy consumption.

Our automatic laminators have high performance in terms of speed production, surface protection are suitable for wood, marble, metal, glass, plastic and similar material. Specifically, the machines are provided of different system in order to change quickly film coils in relation on panel width. We propose a wide range of automatic an semi-automatic laminators and integrated systems which are customizable to fit any dimension configuration and to meet every customer’s need.

We propose technologically advanced equipment, flexible, certified, safe for operators and highly performing.

Our prerogative is the constant satisfaction of customers with high quality product; this reflect our constant commitment in research and development area and also in a continuous and timely assistance every time it’s required.