For thirty years our company has been an advanced experience in the creation of machines for processing and wood finishing. In order to make the most of the painting, the sanding and the wood printing system, and any other special processing for wood finishing, we offer you and use the most advanced technological and woodworking tools and machinery.

Wood is a precious material that must be treated with great care and precision, despite being a material with excellent characteristics of strength and resistance, and therefore perfect for various uses and uses. Our woodworking machines can be used at full capacity because they are produced by highly specialized technicians, who make precise and customized tools, based on the specific needs of the customer and taking care of the material that will then be treated. Viganò Mario srl markets complete plants or individual machinery for processing and for the wood printing plant.



The machines and plants for wood processing that we offer can be both new and used, but all completely overhauled and technologically advanced, to ensure a high quality manufacturing product.

The experience gained over the course of thirty years of activity, in a geographical area that is the hub of Italian design of textiles and furniture, allows us to create cutting-edge machinery that work wood with such precision as to produce products highly finished. We also develop high performance machines and systems thanks to continuous research and updating on the latest technologies and market design needs. We listen to our customers and their feedback to try to improve the quality and efficiency of our machines and our integrated systems.

Our machines are rigorously “made in Italy”, which is synonymous of quality, specialization, high control of production processes and use of components and raw materials of the best suppliers in the sector. We refer back to the know-how of the long Italian manufacturing tradition on the one hand and on the other we are constantly projected towards technological innovation to try to be always up to date and beyond the standards of the sector.

We offer traditional equipment and special woodworking, reliable, resistant and safe machines, suitable for the processing of furnishings and more. We have competent technicians who will be able to advise you on the best solution for you: customized solutions that improve customer productivity and the quality of finished products for small, medium and large companies.

We offer machines and plants for wood processing with high performance, precision and versatility of use at competitive prices.