Automatic Polishing Machine mod. BRL 1200

The polishing machine mod. BRL 1200 is an automatic, performed, modern machine designed and suitable to polish flat surfaces painted with polyester or twocomponents on a polyurethane basis paints.
The automatic polishing machine “mod. BRL 1200” consists of an electro-welded steel structure and a wooden bed, the useful worktable is mms. 1200 x 3000, the worktable height mms. 900 and the maximum thickness mms. 200.

The polishing system consists of 6 sponge pads with orbital and pads rotation.
Pad holding group moves with alternate displacement and adjustable speed by means of potentiometer.
A robust electro-welded steel worktable grants great stability and a high quality polishing level in a shorter working time.

Up/down and displacement movement on guides and ball bushing pads is controlled by inverter and pads, up/down speed is fixed.