Automatic Protective Film Application Machine mod. PR 1300

The automatic protective film application machine mod. PR 1300 is designed to apply a removable self-adhesive protective film on flat or shaped surfaces.

It is performed to work at high speeds with precise and constant application of the protective film.
The film, unwinded from a coil, is applied by a drum on the panel and its position , referred to the edge of panel, can be adjusted precisely evenly or also shorter or longer than the same edge. the machine is suitable for high productions and it can be placed in a line with manual or automatic loading.

In its basic version the machine is equipped with motorized roller conveyor. the motorized movement is controlled by inverter. the unit has an adjustable speed and a motorized up/down movement.
The pneumatically expanding reel shaft allows a quick and easy reel changeover.

The standard version of model PR has the following sizes:

800 – 1300 – 1600

The machine can be customized adding:

motorized roller conveyor in from 1200 – 1500 – 2000 mms.
motorized roller conveyor out from 1200 – 1500 – 2000 mms.
longitudinal cutting device
complete longitudinal cutting device with motorized film scrap recovery winder
motorized rotating hose with 4 reels

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