Protective Film Application Machine for Sheet Metal mod. FD 1800 LT

This automatic machine mod. 1800 LT allows the application of a removable self-adhesive protective film on large and flat surfaces.
It is, therefore, particularly suitable for sheet metal protection, pvc, methacrylate etc.
The film, unwinded from a coil, is calendered on the sheet metal.
A particular cutting system allows to cut, with a high precision, head and tail of both contiguous panels and to recover the waste on a winder.
Metal sheets are placed into the machine by means of a motorized roller conveyor.
In its basic version the machine is equipped with motorized elastomer roller conveyors and motorized rotating reels holder with 4 expanding reel shafts;
it is suitable for medium-high scale production.
This model has a working width: mms. 1800