Hot Stamping Machine mod. ECOPRINT – BASE

The automatic hot stamping machine mod. ECOPRINT has been particularly studied to apply a decorative transfer film on flat wood panels as on composite material panels, glass, steel and so on.
The machine is able to apply the decorative transfer film by means of a hot rubberized drum, warmed up by means of electric resistances.
Enter the feed speed or the speed of the winding and unwinding coils are electronically controlled.
The basic machine is equipped with one coil winding and unwinding group but, upon request, it is possible to add one, two or more groups in case several coil changes are required or in case more than one panel is stamped in the same time.
Upon request it is possible to equip the machine with an automatic film centering device able to center the design of the film on the panel itself, for example in case of flamed design on wood imitation.
It is possible as well to equip the machine with an automatic film recovery system to reduce the waste and film with an electronic control of the machine functions.