Semi-Automatic Protective Film Application Machine mod. TP

This semi-automatic machine allows the application of a removable self-adhesive protective film on delicate surfaces. it is, therefore, particularly suitable for painting and packing processes.
The machine is highly versatile and can be placed in- and offline.

The film is applied on the panel with an adjustable overflowing to grant the best protection both on surface and edges.
It can be performed to apply film on top or bottom side of panel.

The standard version of model “TP” has the following sizes:

850 – 1300 – 1600 – 1800 – 2000

The machine can be customized adding:

roller conveyor in
roller conveyor out
longitudinal cutting device
complete longitudinal cutting device with motorized film scrap recovery winder
double panels guide
motorized rotating hose with 4 reels