Buffing Machine mod. SP 1200

The buffing machine mod. SP 1200 is designed to buff different kinds of materials and flat surfaces: polyester, polyurethane, paints, metals, marble, copper , brass and plastic.
The machine body consists of a mobile table and a fixed head. Up and down movement is motorized and sliding on guides and ball bushing pads.

The two-ways speed table translation is controlled by inverter with adjustment by means of potentiometer and the buffing time is set by a programmable stroke-counter.
The buffing is performed by a sleeve, perpendicular to working way, which contains high quality cotton discs ø mms. 350.

The electrically-welded iron structure grants a great stability.
The machine can be equipped with abrasive paste applying system by means of pneumatic guns.

The standard version of model “SP” has the following sizes:

SP 800 800 x 2600 x h.200 mm
SP 1200 1200 x 3000 x h.200 mm
SP 1300 1300 x 4000 x h. 200 mm